Hoàng Cường- Đam mê giày- Chủ Bounty Sneakers

Thank Evelyn, my dear friend for making this happen.

Trước hết tôi xin được cảm ơn Evelyn khi cho tôi cơ hội được viết bài blog này đến tất cả những người đọc tại Việt Nam.

Tôi đến với thế giới giày sneaker như thế nào?

Bounty Sneakers

Tôi là Hoàng Cường, tôi có đam mê chơi giày vào giữa năm 2017 khi mà em tôi là Huy có giới thiệu là đang đi một đôi Adidas human race có giá trị hơn 10 triệu đồng. Điều này thực sự rất điên giồ vì tôi chưa từng nghĩ một đôi giày lại đáng giá vậy.Tôi và Huy quen nhau từ hồi tôi còn học năm nhất nên hai anh em chia sẻ rất nhiều. Đôi Human race OG ver 1 này theo Huy nói thì được bán ra với giá 250$, tức là khoảng 6 triệu chưa tính thuế, và chỉ sản xuất với số lượng cực ít. Dân chơi giày thường mua hết ngay trong giờ đầu tiên được bán. Huy kể có may mắn nhờ được bạn bên Mỹ mua lại của một cậu may mắn được Adidas chọn trong quá trình quay xố với giá trị tương đương 14 triệu đồng ^^. Ban đầu nghe có vẻ điên giồ nhưng sau khoảng 2 đến 3 tháng thì tôi có nghe có người sẵn sàng trả giá 17 triệu đồng để mua lại của Huy. Qua tìm hiểu một thời gian thì những đôi giày limited này thường được Adidas dùng những chất liệu đặc biệt và chọn lọc kết hợp với thiết kế của Pharrell Wiliam, một ca sĩ nổi tiếng tại Mỹ. Sau đó, thì qua tìm hiểu những mẫu giày của Adidas từ: Ultraboost, NMD, EQT… tôi gia nhập thế giới sneaker lúc nào không hay.

Bounty Sneakers hình thành và phục vụ những người yêu giày sneaker!

Giay nam dep

Tôi có quen một vài người bạn và anh em ở Mỹ và Anh. Ban đầu cũng chỉ là nhờ họ mua cho đôi giày và mang về Việt Nam để đi vì ở Việt Nam, những mẫu mới và chất lượng giày không như ý của tôi và Huy. Sau đó tôi có tìm nhiều cách để đăng kí app Unidays, App dành cho student ở Mỹ và Anh để có thể mua giày giảm giá ở Anh và Mỹ với ưu đãi 15% cho học sinh. Tôi có nhận mua giúp cho nhiều người ở Việt Nam vì họ không có người nước ngoài, không thanh toán được, không chuyển giày về được hoặc nếu có chuyển về thì phí thuế rất cao. Nhận thấy nhu cầu Việt Nam về mua giày ngày càng cao nên tôi có mở một cửa hàng bán giày nam với mục đích tạo cơ hội cho nhiều người Việt Nam đến mua những đôi giày đẹp và chính hãng chứ không phải mua những đôi giày không có xuất sứ và không rõ nguồn gốc. Chọn được và mua được một đôi giày mình thích cũng giống như săn được một món đồ quý mà bạn ao ước bấy lâu vậy.
Nếu bạn là người đam mê sneakers, đến với Bounty Sneakers, bạn sẽ không cảm thấy thất vọng khi đến store. Từ những đôi giày limited cho đến những đôi giày đi hàng ngày, chúng tôi đều phục vụ nhu cầu và mong muốn sắm được một em bên bạn trong những dịp đi chơi. Ghé thăm Bounty Sneakers, tôi sẽ giúp bạn mua giày trên khắp thế giới.

Bounty Sneakers – địa chỉ mua giày adidas chính hãng tại Việt Nam.


A review for BountySneakers in Vietnam

I remember it was March 28th, when I stayed at BountyHotel, a Hotel I found on Google while walking around My Dinh stadium. Wow, “is this too good to stay?”. That’s the question I asked myself when I stayed here. “Good service, low rate, and clean room.”

Back to my story, while staying here, I met the manager, who actually run a Sneaker Shop( shop bán giày Adidas), called Bountysneakers. I was amazed when I saw some Adidas Human Race and some sweet Adidas ultra boosts there. I am not a sneaker-head ( that’s what they called people who love and hunt beautiful sneakers), but when I found out the hotel manager, who also runs the sneakers store, I slowly fell in love with sneakers. I will list out the reasons I buy sneakers from Bounty Sneakers:

  • Emotional Attachment:

A lot of us are passionate when it comes to sneakers. We wear or purchase shoes because of the real love that we need for them. Many times we buy certain shoes, over and again, because there’s a psychological attachment or private importance behind the shoe. It can be the very first pair that you bought with your own money, the pair that you just got engaged in, or perhaps the pair which you wore during that unforgettable sporting event that you attended. To me, the Air Jordan 17 black/metallic silver retains a special place in my heart since it is the first set of shoes that I purchased with my money when I was in middle school. The majority of the time this shoe is priceless in the sense which you can’t put the monetary value on a minute in your life that can not be described with words.

  • Exclusivity

Who doesn’t like using a pair of sneakers that not a lot of people possess? This is the reason why samples cost so much money; since nobody has them. The more restricted or exclusive a sneaker is, the higher chances it’s going to be costly. The Undefeated x Air Jordan 4 is the ideal example of that. I really don’t hear a lot of people saying they love the mix of olive green and orange very much, but if you slap it in an Air Jordan 4 cooperation and create less than 80 pairs, then you’re gonna see people needing to pay ridiculous prices for a shoe like this.

Make sure you visit Bountysneakers while traveling to Vietnam. Stay tuned for my update on next trips.
Below is the link to the shop so you know where to find in Vietnam.

Bountysneakers - Giày nam đẹp

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My long journey in Vietnam from January to April

Vietnam is such an amazing country to visit







Hello everyone, It’s a long time since I write a blog. But I promise it will be worth your time following my journey in Vietnam.

Having missed Asia in my around the world trip, I proposed to go to Vietnam and finally introduce myself to the continent and what a wonderful place to get started!

I had booked 3 months off work and reserved a flight to Ho Chi Minh from the south and from Hanoi on the north-west. I flew right into Ho Chi Minh, but if you’ve got more time, then you can twin Vietnam with a while in Cambodia or Thailand ahead, or sail through the Mekong Delta.

In Hanoi, I have time to drop off a shoe store, which is really great. I would really recommend Bountysneakers, where you find Adidas Vietnam. In Vietnam, people call them “mua giày chính hãng“. In the USA, we usually come to those place to find cool sneakers when shopping. It is really a good place to drop off if you want to buy sneakers for your gift.

First impressions

For me things about Vietnam stood out. Primarily the food; it’s yummy and I ate a lot of it! Secondly, was Vietnam’s rich history; the nation was fought hundreds of occasions by quite a few forces, but through it all, the nation has emerged with a solid awareness of its civilization. Last, I had been moved by its varied landscape and gorgeous architecture; a gorgeous mix of influences from numerous cultures.

Arriving in Ho Chi Minh (formerly called Saigon) is similar to entering another world. After I got over the first shock of exactly how many scooters you will find on the streets and how hard it appears to be to really get across the street, we’re on our way!

With just a few times in Ho Chi Minh, we had to make the most of it. It’s really simple to go around town on foot and tons of walking paths to make certain you see everything.

Overwatch World Cup 2017 – Santa Monica Qualifier

US and UK placed 1st each group

The Overwatch World Cup Santa Monica Qualifier day 3 has come to an end- that the United States and United Kingdom won the United States vs Chinese Taipei game, and United Kingdom vs Germany match 1st. Brazil defeated New Zealand in Group G, and Israel defeated Belgium in H, putting them 3rd each.

Previous event: Overwatch world cup Katowice qualifier

Even the United States is placed 1st in Group G, and Germany placed 2nd in Group H, they will be competing against another, also the United Kingdom, placed 1st in Group H, and Chinese Taipei, placed 2nd in Group G, will be matching against each other to determine who’ll be capable to perform in the playoffs.

It is now a problem although won’t be after the format will probably be set by means of a set draw in a set that is new. The team draw will be held in the end of August or early September, and specifics about the date have never been revealed.

The United States has conquered Chinese Taipei from 3-1 in the game that determined which team is going to be put 1st in Group G.

Jake’s carry shined from the first two sets in Hollywood and Nepal; the United States failed to catch point A and Overtime began when Jake directed his team to victory by scoring two kills with his Genji, also won in his struggle against Zonda as Soldier: 76 at Nepal.

Chinese Taipei was cornered till they won at the set, Horizon Lunar Colony. They had been put 2nd when they dropped to the United States at the previous group, Route 66.


Together with both teams winning and losing the game between Brazil and New Zealand finished with Brazil’s success by 3-1, putting Brazil 3rd and New Zealand continue in Group G.

The game between the United Kingdom and Germany, the only regarded because the highlight of the day finished with all the United Kingdom’s complete success. Following the United Kingdom captured stage A, they didn’t allow since they annihilated their rival team escorting the payload whenever they had been on assault in Numbani, the initial group. Especially, Kruise’s Genji captured the eyes of many supporters when he didn’t die once throughout the entire time they were on strike.

Kruise’s Dragonblade was phenomenal at the next group- he killed off 4 opponents along with his Dragonblade at Lijiang Tower, causing his team to win with 100% catch progress for their enemy’s 0 percent. Smex’s D.Va and Genji dominated the second group, turning the match around once the group was losing by 99:0% catch advancement. They won the next group also when they had been successful on their assault in the next group, Horizon Lunar Colony, that was selected by Germany. Finally, they left it to the semifinals if they played with Roadhog and Sombra at Route 66, beating Germany from 4-0.

The game between Israel and Belgium finished with Israel’s success when KAFEEEEEE outplayed his competitors with his Zarya, Soldier: 76, also Tracer, putting Israel that the 3rd in Group H.

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Overwatch’s Summer Games skins will be available at a reduced cost

Overwatch Summer Games: Crucial things you need to know about Blizzard’s summer event right here.


Overwatch’s first seasonal event, Summer Games, will go back to the match on Tuesday, Aug. 8, Blizzard Entertainment announced today. This season’s version of this Summer Games occasion will consist of upgrades and skins into the Lúcioball game style, in addition to makeup that were released last year’s yield.

Blizzard is really boosting up their events and adding more skins and gameplay to the game, making it fresh now and then.Overwatch summer events is the events follows by overwatch anniversary.


Overwatch Summer Games Skins – Are they the same as last time?



Overwatch’s Summer Games 2017 will also incorporate a variety of new cosmetics, and for players that missed out on the skins, sprays and emotes last season (since Blizzard would not let players buy those makeup with credits), Blizzard is selling Summer Games 2016 articles at a lower cost.

Join the Overwatch’s summer event and level up your account levels with us.


There will limited skins at the following price points:

  • Legendary Skins will cost 3,000 credits
  • Epic Skins will cost 750 credits
  • Rare tier will cost 225 credits
  • Common tier will cost 75 credits

This time event that is limited till August 28th so in the event that you haven’t already farmed all the legendary and epic skins, then I recommend that you take a while to grind them out! Some of these, especially the Nihon genji is adorable. You can get other people to play it, if you do not have enough opportunity to play the game yourself! Check out our friends at BountyBoosting here, whom are supplying Overwatch boosting services to people we are in need of assistance, or do not have the time to play the game themselves.

Overwatch world cup The Korean are dominating

The Overwatch World Cup is kicking off this weekend with All the Group Stage qualifier in Katowice, Poland. Eight teams are squaring off to make their way ahead of the Overwatch World Cup finals in November.

With the qualifiers of this weekend, the tournament will be broken up with the best team from both groups advancing into two groups of four.


The Overwatch World Cup is streaming live on the Overwatch Twitch account. If you miss the live times, the Overwatch Twitch accounts is broadcasting replays through the weekend.

You can get more detailed Overwatch World Cup coverage on the sister website, BountyBoosting. The website also provides premium overwatch boosting guide for newcomers.


AUGUST 4, 8 A.M. EST – 2 P.M. EST

Netherlands vs Poland 4-0

South Korea vs Austria 4-0

Canada vs Turkey 4-0

Russia vs Singapore 4-0

AUGUST 5, 8 A.M. EST – 2 P.M. EST

South Korea vs Poland

Netherlands vs Austria

Canada vs Singapore

Russia vs Turkey

AUGUST 6, 6 A.M. EST – 4 P.M. EST

South Korea vs Netherlands

Poland vs Austria

Canada vs Russia

Singapore vs Turkey

Hi !

I am not an old enough Blogger to provide guidance so I will do encouragement instead I think, and also the very first point is about getting readers. Folks do like reading sites, folks like me. I go searching for them, and I love them. If there’s anything I am interested in, I go look for a meaty site on the subject. So there’s that. Readers are fun, although my first blog I didn’t bother about subscribers personally, and wrote just for me personally. It is wonderful to see someone’s had an appearance. As soon as I realised that blog was it, I closed it diverted non-existent folks to here. This time, I thought, I will see if I can get some subscribers. It turned out not too challenging. I said hello to some bloggers and put about that which they wrote, what I’d thought. And they had a look and came and said hi back. Some were nice enough to mention me I got readers from that, and someone must have put me on various other places…. Bloggers were rather nice. The few that didn’t say hello back stand out only for being so very few, and I’m certain they just probably did not notice… I mean very few — maybe not So don’t be scared to say hello — 3 I believe. The only additional thing that I did was to tell a very few ( again around three) people in real and on games I play that I had a site and that was it. So I’m back to not worrying about readers Your mileage may vary of course, but basically just a small effort, a very small bit of courage — voila! Readers!

Inspired by other bloggers, I’ve had a happy time of it indeed. It’s pleasant to organise your thoughts, set a point of view, or just ramble and rant. And it sociable. It’s far better than what I was able to do which is mutter to myself, I hope not , nobody ever said, but who knows. How and whether to blog, it does not need to feel, since you determine when. There’s no need, although you can make it if you try, folks do. I value blogging for not being work. There they are again to say and you check their website within an offchance to find they have been doing different things, as is normal, although I know a few bloggers that don’t compose for ages. I don’t feel I’m competing… but then I am bit resistant to that anyhow… other worky items… no deadlines! ummm no boss!! ummmmmmmmm no office politics !!!! My next point is since blogging is fun, have a go!