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Wondering if it's possible to go from Breakdown to Breakthrough in your professional and personal life?

Evelyn Kalinosky - women's executive coachFrom the desk of Evelyn Kalinosky, The Wealth of the Self Expert™
Wyoming, PA

Dear Women Executives, Professional Women and Women Entrepreneurs,

Women's executive coachAre you wondering how you can be so professionally successful and feel so personally bankrupt?

Coach for women business executivesAre you ready to move on in your career and your life, but don’t know how?

Women's business coachAre you feeling like you’re wearing a tight pair of heels when it comes to your professional and personal life?

Executive coach for womenAre you struggling to create a positive life experience that includes: Passion, Power, Purpose, Security, Integrity, Self-Reliance and Balance?

If any of this sounds like where you are right now, I don’t want you to feel discouraged. I want you to feel hopeful and inspired, because I have the answer – The Wealth of the Self: From Breakdown to Breakthrough, Seven Women Executives Share Their Turning Points.

The Wealth of the Self eBook is just what you need when you’ve reached your turning point. In this book, you’ll learn the:

  • 3 things you need to do before you take that first important step 
  • 2 tips for letting go of the old and embracing the new 
  • 4 signs to look for on the way to your extraordinary life

And most importantly, you’ll hear from seven women just like you who successfully transitioned from breakdown to breakthrough.

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Why should you listen to me?

While I understand that no two women experience these turning points in the same way, I can tell you that I understand where you find yourself. I can understand it because I’VE BEEN THERE. You see, one of the seven women in this eBook is me.

I had a number of mini “ah-ha” moments over the course of several years from the age of 45. Mine were more like vibrations – these little nagging voices that resonated somewhere deep within just itching to break to the surface.

You’d think I would have welcomed these moments, but in truth I did not.

  • They were uncomfortable
  • They were unsettling
  • Theyinterfered with the path I was on and the life I told myself I wanted to live. 
  • They would bubble up to the surface long enough to catch my attention; long enough to make me realize my discomfort, and then I’d push them back down.

I would entertain thoughts of moving on to something else; to something that would relight that fire in my belly, but weeks turned into months, which turned into a year, then two, and I was still standing at that fork in the road.

My breakthrough came in the form of a physical illness that shook me out of my complacency and forced me to decide what I wanted my life to look like.

I wasn’t alone and neither are you!

Like mine, the stories these women share are powerful, inspiring and painful, but the pain had a purpose – it let them know with absolute certainty that the life they were living was no longer enough. They’d reached their turning point, their defining moment, and they were determined to create their own path – a path as unique as their fingerprint.

And they succeeded. And I succeeded.

And so can YOU!

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Jerri Quinn"“Evelyn’s “The Wealth of the Self” program has helped me deepen my understanding of myself. It’s uncanny how she sees into me, talking to me about empowerment, confidence, fear of the unknown, change and many other concerns just when I need to hear a comforting voice. She makes me feel my discomfort is actually a positive step on my way to the next break through. She uses metaphors that I relate to such as childbirth, owning a business, handling the stress of my life, building a house.

If I were to sum up Evelyn in a phrase, it would be ‘inspiring wisdom’. She inspires me to think bigger, to shed limitations, to feel good about myself and my inner development. Her words are wise. They make profound sense - not just rational, logical head-kind of sense - they make sense based on my experience and what I know to be real, but I just didn’t fully recognize until the moment she spoke them.

Her “Wealth of the Self” program has brought me back to center, and helped me focus on me, all of me, not just the outer trappings of my work and personal life. I’ve discovered that my “wealth” is in all of me!”

~ Jeri Quinn, President, Driving IR, www.DrivingImprovedResults.com

But there can’t be a breakthrough without a breakdown.

It can be easy to think that breakdown strikes out of the blue, but for the women in The Wealth of the Self eBook it didn’t happen overnight. There was a growing realization that took hold over the course of months or years that their professional lives and identities simply no longer worked. 

Before they could experience their breakthroughs, before they could shed outdated, overplayed, self-limiting beliefs, they needed to experience their dark night of the soul.

“I’d like to say there was a definitive crisis that led to my awakening, but it was more like slowly coming out of a dream. Subtle rumblings; moments I’d question my choices when I’d catch a glimpse of a mother laughing with her children; questions – always questions about whether I was living the life I wanted.”

~ Carol, former VP turned world-renowned Artist

“I woke up and said: ‘This is it. I have to make some changes.’ I had to go through a gut-wrenching period of reflection and exploration to excavate the real person beneath all the anger and false bravado.”
~ Laurie, former marketing VP turned Entrepreneur

“My birthday present that year was a $350,000 tax bill and no means of paying it. Thus began the death of the old Mindy, and the emergence of the new Mindy, who was no longer going to let anyone other than herself provide for her.”
~ Mindy, former stay-at-home mom turned Certified Financial Advisor

The Wealth of the Self: From Breakdown to Breakthrough, Seven Women Executives Share Their Turning Points is a power-packed 47-page eBook guaranteed to kick-start your transition process.

If you’re finding yourself ready to:
  • Listen to that small, but determined voice within you that's telling you it's time to do something differently 
  • Let go of what’s been holding you back and away from the life you truly want 
  • Step into the extraordinary life you glimpse on the other side
You owe it to yourself to read this eBook.

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Nancy Marmolejo"If you find yourself struggling between being Alpha Female of your pack and finding inner peace, Evelyn Kalinosky's 'Wealth of the Self' eBook has the guidance for you. Her personal story of breakdown to breakthrough is one that every woman on the fast track must read. Her mantra, "When your profit motive is no longer just about money,” invites us to honestly look at how we're treating ourselves, our bodies, and even our loved ones. With that truthful examination into ourselves, we can then take the steps to be successful while affirming our own significance."  

Nancy Marmolejo
Business Strategist, Author, Speaker

Catherine BrunsEvelyn Kalinosky is the real deal. After going through her own breakdown, she transformed into a brilliant coach who has written 'The Wealth of the Self'. This book guides and encourages you to transform your own breakdown into a breakthrough.
'The Wealth of the Self' is indispensable for women who feel overwhelmed, underfulfilled and like the hamster wheel just keeps spinning faster and faster. Part inspiration and part practical tools, Evelyn blends her own and other women's wisdom to let you know you're not alone and to give you a guiding hand on your own transformational journey to your wealthy self.

Catherine Bruns, Wise Woman®

But what if you’re not sure how to take that first step?

The Wealth of the Self: From Breakdown to Breakthrough, Seven Women Executives Share Their Turning Points is the perfect blend of inspiration and call-to-action. We all know inspiration is only part of what motivates us – it’s often what lights the spark in our imagination, but we also need concrete strategies to complete the picture. Inspiration illuminates the path for us. Concrete strategies are the map that shows us the way.

As you read each of the seven stories shared by these women executives, you may find something that resonates with you – that “a-ha” moment where you connect to a phrase, an emotion, a childhood experience that’s been revealed, and which gives you the strength you need to move forward.

“Where ten years ago I would have felt like a failure for giving up, I now know that ‘winning at all costs’ is not winning at all…My competitive spirit is still there, but now it’s augmented by other aspects of my personality that temper its excessive, ego-driven qualities.”
~ Simone, attorney who left a 500+ person law firm for a 5-person law firm

“My experience was the catalyst to my becoming a financial advisor…my passion is to help women take off the same blinders I had worn and take responsibility for their financial future.”
~ Mindy former stay-at-home mom turned Certified Financial Planner

“I had to learn to trust myself, and to trust the little voice inside of me. I had to learn to close the gap between responsibility and passion, and discovered that it doesn’t have to be either/or. I can choose the life I’m meant to live and still be responsible.”
~ former publishing VP turned  Consultant/Author/ Choreographer

Best yet, you have your choice of two ways to access this information:

You can download this eBook immediately after your purchase. Or for those of you who want the feel of a real book in your hands, something that you can keep at your bedside, in your purse or on your bookshelf and read it over and over again for inspiration, there’s the hard copy version.

guaranteeNot to mention my 100% money back guarantee!

After reading this eBook, if you come away without feeling inspired or motivated to move from breakdown to breakthrough in some way, I want you to return it for a full refund. The only condition is that it must be returned within thirty (30) days of purchase. It’s that simple. 

Take that first step

There isn’t a single “way” to transformation. You know the answer doesn’t lie in a simple blueprint you can follow a magic formula or a fill-in-the-blanks generic worksheet, or a cookie cutter recipe you can use. You know there has to be a way to take that first step that doesn’t mean following someone else’s path.

It’s all about finding your unique way. The benefits of taking that first step, and gaining even small degrees of power to overcome your professional and personal breakdown, will be life-changing.





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Catherine MorrisEvelyn's book, 'The Wealth of Self',  spoke to my heart. I am a small business owner who is feeling an inner need to make changes in my life and business. Evelyn not only acknowledged some of my deepest feelings as a working woman, but she also inspired me to take a good look at the parts of my life that aren't working. I had been denying that I needed to make changes, but 'The Wealth of Self' inspired me to take the first small steps to a new life in business - one with meaning and fulfillment. Now I have some clear beginning steps I can take and some "You can do it" energy from the success stories of other women who have moved through their own Turning Points. Thank you, Evelyn!

Catherine Morris
Teaching Transformation Energy Techniques
Founder IEH INtuitive Energy Healing®

Cathy Jennings"Malcolm  Forbes has said that 'Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.' In her Wealth of the Self ebook, Evelyn uncovers the nasty gremlins that we all harbor inside - the ones that keep us from appreciating who we are and enjoying the lives we are meant to live. She gives us some effective strategies for tackling these challenges and taking control of how we want to experience life. Evelyn also shares the wonderful stories of seven women who reached their "turning point" and dared to believe that their lives could be better - then did something about it. As you read Wealth of the Self, you'll be inspired and empowered to take those courageous first steps to making your life, your career and your world everything you've dreamed it could be."

Cathy Jennings
Owner and Chief Conversation Starter
No Pressure Networking

Take that first step on your journey now! The only thing you have to lose is another day of frustration, of standing at that fork in the road.

In full and unwavering support of you,

Evelyn Kalinosky
Evelyn Kalinosky, The Wealth of the Self Expert ™

Evelyn Kalinosky

I'm a late bloomer. I've never taken the linear path, but it's a path that's worked just right for me. I'm an entrepreneur now at midlife, and as Founder & CEO of Evelyn Kalinosky LLC, my coaching practice specializes in helping high-level women executives, professional women and women entrepreneurs who want to achieve a more sacred kind of success. For these women, the desire to play a bigger game requires a strong profit motive, but making money is no longer the goal. The goal is a search for significance, a journey to uncover the wealth of the self, a rite of passage to their highest purpose, and to a life that is as unique as their fingerprint.

I am emphatically driven by a visionary culture of excellence and heart, and believe in helping women cultivate extraordinary lives of passion and purpose from midlife and beyond. I truly enjoy working with women to create ways in which they can have a positive impact on others and the world around them.

In addition to being a coach, I am a speaker, poet and author, and am currently writing a book on women and their journey in and through midlife. Feel free to contact me at evelyn@evelynkalinosky.com or visit my website at www.evelynkalinosky.com.

The purpose of life is to matter, to count, to stand for something,
to have it make a difference that we lived at all.” ~ Leo Rosten, Journalist

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