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  • Are you a woman executive who feels like you're career is wearing like a pair of tight heels?
  • Are you a professional woman who is financially successful, but feeling emotionally bankrupt?
  • Are you always seen as the one with the answers, but you can’t find the answer to what’s holding you back now?
  • Are you a woman entrepreneur who is ready for business success that's defined and created by YOU?

“YES! I’m ready to go From Breakdown to Breakthrough
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TURNING POINTSexhausted woman entrepreneur

While no two women experience these turning points in the same way, I can tell you that I understand where you find yourself. I can understand it because I’VE BEEN THERE.

I had a number of mini “ah-ha” moments over the course of several years starting in my 40s. Mine were more like vibrations – these little nagging voices that resonated somewhere deep within just itching to break to the surface.

You’d think I would have welcomed these moments, but in truth I did not.
  • They were uncomfortable
  • They were unsettling
  • They interfered with the path I was on and the life I told myself I wanted to live. 
  • They’d bubble up to the top, catch my attention long enough for me to realize my discomfort and then I’d push them back down.
I wasn’t unhappy. I didn’t hate my job. I loved my husband. So why was I feeling this restlessness? Why was I feeling like there was something more, something I was missing?

Just so you know, I’m not a woman who thinks the grass is always greener on the other side. I’m a big believer in gratitude, in being present and in the moment. It wasn’t that I wanted what someone else had. I didn’t know what I wanted.

“Evelyn Kalinosky and I have walked parallel paths, and it’s that journey that attracted me to her.  Evelyn has a gentle, empathic style of coaching that is soothing to the soul.  If you’ve not read her writings, you are truly missing out.  She has her finger on the pulse of what matters to those of us in the midlife glory of our lives.  Evelyn turns a cliche lifestyle into one we can all look forward to with grace and style.”

~ Kim Gray, Owner, Emerging Virtual Assistance  http://www.emergingva.com


On the surface, my career as an executive was rewarding, and yet, I began to feel a slow draining of my energy, like a hose with a tiny leak in it. It became more and more difficult to rouse myself to the level of commitment and action that was needed to do my job effectively, and that was critically important to me. Giving 70% when I should be giving 100+% was not enough for me.

I would entertain thoughts of moving on to something else; to something that would relight that fire in my belly, but weeks turned into months, which turned into a year, then two, and I was still standing at that fork in the road.

woman executive coach


It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with a serious and progressive illness that I reached my full blown “a-ha” moment. I wasn’t at a fork in the road any longer. I was standing at the edge of a cliff. It may sound like a cliché that it took a major illness to serve as a “wake-up call,” but clichés are based in truth. It often takes a crisis – medical, spiritual, financial, professional – to force someone to make changes.

Getting really sick was the wakeup call of all wakeup calls. It forced me to take a good hard look at the life I’d been living up to that point, and make some significant course corrections to shake me loose from that sense of complacency I’d been hanging out in for way too long. I started my own business, got cracking on that book I’d been talking about writing for the past 5 years, and proceeded to shed the weight of all those outdated, overplayed, self-limiting beliefs that kept me shackled.

“I emphatically recommend Evelyn Kalinosky as a women’s executive coach!  She was highly effective for me in helping me reach a new level of professional development in my career. What I liked about my experience with Evelyn was how individualized it was, her excellent listening and questioning skills, how she held me accountable to the goals we set and, most importantly, her insight into what my triggers were for holding back, making excuses, and settling into fear when I didn’t want to push through on a difficult topic. Evelyn is inspiring, challenging and comforting all at the same time — a perfect combination. Evelyn was an outstanding coach who truly understands a woman’s unique needs in the workplace today.”

~ Kendra Kett, Executive Director/Corporate School Administration and Author of The Pinwheel Girl Takes Flight www.pinwheelgirls.com


  • Gain clarity and focus about what success looks like for you? 
  • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from having the career and life of your dreams?
  • Formulate a powerful plan that will move your career and life forward? 
  • Renew your sense of energy and passion about your career and its possibilities?
  • Work with an executive coach who can put you on the fast track for conscious success?


coaching gift for women executivesBecause I’ve been where you are and understand how difficult it is to take that first defining step, I want to be there with you as you begin your journey.  HERE’S MY GIFT TO YOU: A chance to go FROM BREAKDOWN TO BREAKTHROUGH by applying for a complimentary 25-minute strategy session with me.

Obviously we aren’t going to discover ALL the answers in this one call.

And we may discover that working together isn’t the right fit.

But then again – it just might be the right fit. And wouldn’t that be wonderful? The opportunity to partner with someone who has been in your tight heels? Who can walk with you as you create your own path – a path that’s as unique as your fingerprint?

I know you’re not one to sit on the sidelines forever. It’s not your style. You’re ambitious. You’re motivated. And you’re willing to do the work and ask yourself the hard questions, or you wouldn’t have read all the way down to this part of the page.

So take that first step… 
Coaching for women executives

“YES! I’d love to go From Breakdown to Breakthrough and
apply for Evelyn’s complimentary 25-minute Strategy Session”

You’ll also receive a free bonus subscription to the Sacred Success ezine. We promise never
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“Evelyn is a consummate professional and one of the best communicators I know. A combination of truth-telling, proven expertise, and high emotional intelligence is the treasure she brings to her clients.  Evelyn’s coaching is top rate.”

~ Rhonda Hess, Coaching Business Success Strategist www.prosperouscoachblog.com

Here’s to your taking that first defining step! I’m right here waiting for you!


Evelyn Kalinosky
Evelyn Kalinosky, The Wealth of the Self Expert ™

Evelyn Kalinosky

I'm a late bloomer. I've never taken the linear path, but it's a path that's worked just right for me. I'm an entrepreneur now at midlife, and as Founder & CEO of Evelyn Kalinosky LLC, my coaching practice specializes in helping high-level women executives, professional women and women entrepreneurs who want to achieve a more sacred kind of success. For these women, the desire to play a bigger game requires a strong profit motive, but making money is no longer the goal. The goal is a search for significance, a journey to uncover the wealth of the self, a rite of passage to their highest purpose, and to a life that is as unique as their fingerprint.

I am emphatically driven by a visionary culture of excellence and heart, and believe in helping women cultivate extraordinary lives of passion and purpose from midlife and beyond. I truly enjoy working with women to create ways in which they can have a positive impact on others and the world around them.

In addition to being a coach, I am a speaker, poet and author, and am currently writing a book on women and their journey in and through midlife. Feel free to contact me at evelyn@evelynkalinosky.com or visit my website at www.evelynkalinosky.com.

P.S. If you’re feeling anxious, restless, irritable, burned out or blah – that’s a sure sign you’re ready to go from breakdown to breakthrough. I hope you’ll accept my gift to you and take that first step now!

The purpose of life is to matter, to count, to stand for something,
to have it make a difference that we lived at all.” ~ Leo Rosten, Journalist

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