Evelyn Kalinosky Named One of 101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2011 by WE Magazine for Women

by Evelyn Kalinosky on January 26, 2011

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Wow! This was a truly welcome surprise to find out I’ve been included in WE Magazine for Women’s 101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2011 for my Sacred Success blog. I’m in some amazing company, which is why I thought I’d post their January 24th article so you can learn more about these award-winning women bloggers (okay – and maybe to toot my own horn, just a wee bit):

“WE Magazine for Women is so excited to bring you our 2011 List of Women Bloggers to Watch. WE searched high and low, posted on social networks and asked our readers to submit their favorite women bloggers for possible inclusion. Thanks to our friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and a very special thanks to Denise Wakeman of The BlogSquad fame for inviting women to post their blogs. WE found so many wonderful women bloggers to share in this 100 Bloggers to Watch for 2011! And to all the women who commented on the 2010 list of Women bloggers with their own blog suggestions, thank you!

WE are sure you will enjoy reading about these women and checking out their blogs as much as WE had putting this list of Women Bloggers to Watch.

When you do stop by their blogs, please let them know you heard about them at WE Magazine for Women. Our Mission is to Showcase Women, their talents, treasures and expertise focusing on Busy Women on the Move.”

Click here to learn more about who is on this year’s list: WE Magazine

Evelyn is a catalyst and mentor for business women in midlife transition. She specializes in working with women age 40 forward who are ready to claim – or reclaim – their Sacred Capital. Her passion is to create a new paradigm in how we think about aging, specifically, how we think about women aging.

Her award-winning Inner Affluence Blog received top honors in 2011 and 2012 as “Best Coaching Blog” by the School of Coaching Mastery, and she was named “1 of 101 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2011″ by WE Magazine for Women. In addition to being a coach and mentor, Evelyn is a speaker and published poet.

You’re welcome to use this article on your website, blog or in your ezine if you include the entire post without modification and link it back to www.InnerAffluence.com. If you liked this article, you’ll want to visit www.InnerAffluence.com and sign up for Evelyn’s bi-weekly ezine to receive more comprehensive information, strategies, and resources for the midlife business woman.

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  • http://www.YourWiseVoice.com Catherine

    Woo Hoo!!! I’m so proud of you and a definite well deserved recognition!

  • http://www.evelynkalinosky.com Evelyn

    Thanks so much, Catherine. With your wonderful way with words, I expect to see you on many such lists as well!


  • http://www.DrivingImprovedResults.com Jeri


    What an honor! I’ll be saying ‘I knew you when’ at some point in the not too distant future. You go, girl!!


  • http://www.evelynkalinosky.com Evelyn


    LOL, you are too funny! Thanks for being such a constant source of support. You’re one of the main reasons I’m able to push past my comfort zone and keep on keepin’ on – I have someone in my corner to cheer me on, offer me gentle and not so gentle reminders about my plans and goals, and believe in me when I can’t quite believe in myself in some moments. Support. Sisterhood. Friendship. It makes all the difference in the world!


  • http://lovecellphonesforseniorcitizens.blogspot.com/ Kaye Swain

    Congratulations! I would love to see the entire list, but when I clicked on the link for the magazine, it takes me to a page that says “access denied.” I’ll try back in a couple of days and see if that has been corrected. But again, CONGRATULATIONS!

  • http://www.evelynkalinosky.com Evelyn

    My apologies, Kaye. They must have discontinued the link access since I first posted it. I’ll see if I can find another way around that and will add it to the comments section so you can take a look at the entire list. Check back in a couple of days and thanks for visiting!

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