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Here are some recent articles for women executives, professional women and women entrepreneurs  who want to go deeper. You will find tips and strategies, questions to ask and suggested actions.

Evelyn Kalinosky, Basic PLUS Author

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Finding Personal Meaning Is An Inside Job: 5 Essential Competencies Women Need To Tackle To Successfully Launch A ReCareer

A Search for Significance

Turning Point


Positive Aging:

You Are Not Who You Were, Only Older

The Year of the “Chick Blitz” (Hollywood Discovers Forty-Something Women)


Retirement Transitions:

“Identity Theft” – 5 Ways For Career Women to Deal With Loss of Professional Identity in Retirement

Retirement Planning: Magazines: Insights Magazine, February 2010, Eight experts and visionaries share their wisdom and personal defining moments: Profile of Evelyn Kalinosky, pgs 14-17

ForbesWomanFeeling Like A Fraud: Living With Impostor Syndrome: Despite praise and promotions, many accomplished professionals also suffer from deep self-doubt.


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