Hi !

I am not an old enough Blogger to provide guidance so I will do encouragement instead I think, and also the very first point is about getting readers. Folks do like reading sites, folks like me. I go searching for them, and I love them. If there’s anything I am interested in, I go look for a meaty site on the subject. So there’s that. Readers are fun, although my first blog I didn’t bother about subscribers personally, and wrote just for me personally. It is wonderful to see someone’s had an appearance. As soon as I realised that blog was it, I closed it diverted non-existent folks to here. This time, I thought, I will see if I can get some subscribers. It turned out not too challenging. I said hello to some bloggers and put about that which they wrote, what I’d thought. And they had a look and came and said hi back. Some were nice enough to mention me I got readers from that, and someone must have put me on various other places…. Bloggers were rather nice. The few that didn’t say hello back stand out only for being so very few, and I’m certain they just probably did not notice… I mean very few — maybe not So don’t be scared to say hello — 3 I believe. The only additional thing that I did was to tell a very few ( again around three) people in real and on games I play that I had a site and that was it. So I’m back to not worrying about readers Your mileage may vary of course, but basically just a small effort, a very small bit of courage — voila! Readers!

Inspired by other bloggers, I’ve had a happy time of it indeed. It’s pleasant to organise your thoughts, set a point of view, or just ramble and rant. And it sociable. It’s far better than what I was able to do which is mutter to myself, I hope not , nobody ever said, but who knows. How and whether to blog, it does not need to feel, since you determine when. There’s no need, although you can make it if you try, folks do. I value blogging for not being work. There they are again to say and you check their website within an offchance to find they have been doing different things, as is normal, although I know a few bloggers that don’t compose for ages. I don’t feel I’m competing… but then I am bit resistant to that anyhow… other worky items… no deadlines! ummm no boss!! ummmmmmmmm no office politics !!!! My next point is since blogging is fun, have a go!