My long journey in Vietnam from January to April

Vietnam is such an amazing country to visit







Hello everyone, It’s a long time since I write a blog. But I promise it will be worth your time following my journey in Vietnam.

Having missed Asia in my around the world trip, I proposed to go to Vietnam and finally introduce myself to the continent and what a wonderful place to get started!

I had booked 3 months off work and reserved a flight to Ho Chi Minh from the south and from Hanoi on the north-west. I flew right into Ho Chi Minh, but if you’ve got more time, then you can twin Vietnam with a while in Cambodia or Thailand ahead, or sail through the Mekong Delta.

In Hanoi, I have time to drop off a shoe store, which is really great. I would really recommend Bountysneakers, where you find Adidas Vietnam. In Vietnam, people call them “mua giày chính hãng“. In the USA, we usually come to those place to find cool sneakers when shopping. It is really a good place to drop off if you want to buy sneakers for your gift.

First impressions

For me things about Vietnam stood out. Primarily the food; it’s yummy and I ate a lot of it! Secondly, was Vietnam’s rich history; the nation was fought hundreds of occasions by quite a few forces, but through it all, the nation has emerged with a solid awareness of its civilization. Last, I had been moved by its varied landscape and gorgeous architecture; a gorgeous mix of influences from numerous cultures.

Arriving in Ho Chi Minh (formerly called Saigon) is similar to entering another world. After I got over the first shock of exactly how many scooters you will find on the streets and how hard it appears to be to really get across the street, we’re on our way!

With just a few times in Ho Chi Minh, we had to make the most of it. It’s really simple to go around town on foot and tons of walking paths to make certain you see everything.

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