A review for BountySneakers in Vietnam

I remember it was March 28th, when I stayed at BountyHotel, a Hotel I found on Google while walking around My Dinh stadium. Wow, “is this too good to stay?”. That’s the question I asked myself when I stayed here. “Good service, low rate, and clean room.”

Back to my story, while staying here, I met the manager, who actually run a Sneaker Shop( shop bán giày Adidas), called Bountysneakers. I was amazed when I saw some Adidas Human Race and some sweet Adidas ultra boosts there. I am not a sneaker-head ( that’s what they called people who love and hunt beautiful sneakers), but when I found out the hotel manager, who also runs the sneakers store, I slowly fell in love with sneakers. I will list out the reasons I buy sneakers from Bounty Sneakers:

  • Emotional Attachment:

A lot of us are passionate when it comes to sneakers. We wear or purchase shoes because of the real love that we need for them. Many times we buy certain shoes, over and again, because there’s a psychological attachment or private importance behind the shoe. It can be the very first pair that you bought with your own money, the pair that you just got engaged in, or perhaps the pair which you wore during that unforgettable sporting event that you attended. To me, the Air Jordan 17 black/metallic silver retains a special place in my heart since it is the first set of shoes that I purchased with my money when I was in middle school. The majority of the time this shoe is priceless in the sense which you can’t put the monetary value on a minute in your life that can not be described with words.

  • Exclusivity

Who doesn’t like using a pair of sneakers that not a lot of people possess? This is the reason why samples cost so much money; since nobody has them. The more restricted or exclusive a sneaker is, the higher chances it’s going to be costly. The Undefeated x Air Jordan 4 is the ideal example of that. I really don’t hear a lot of people saying they love the mix of olive green and orange very much, but if you slap it in an Air Jordan 4 cooperation and create less than 80 pairs, then you’re gonna see people needing to pay ridiculous prices for a shoe like this.

Make sure you visit Bountysneakers while traveling to Vietnam. Stay tuned for my update on next trips.
Below is the link to the shop so you know where to find in Vietnam.

Bountysneakers - Giày nam đẹp

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