Overwatch world cup The Korean are dominating

The Overwatch World Cup is kicking off this weekend with All the Group Stage qualifier in Katowice, Poland. Eight teams are squaring off to make their way ahead of the Overwatch World Cup finals in November.

With the qualifiers of this weekend, the tournament will be broken up with the best team from both groups advancing into two groups of four.


The Overwatch World Cup is streaming live on the Overwatch Twitch account. If you miss the live times, the Overwatch Twitch accounts is broadcasting replays through the weekend.

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AUGUST 4, 8 A.M. EST – 2 P.M. EST

Netherlands vs Poland 4-0

South Korea vs Austria 4-0

Canada vs Turkey 4-0

Russia vs Singapore 4-0

AUGUST 5, 8 A.M. EST – 2 P.M. EST

South Korea vs Poland

Netherlands vs Austria

Canada vs Singapore

Russia vs Turkey

AUGUST 6, 6 A.M. EST – 4 P.M. EST

South Korea vs Netherlands

Poland vs Austria

Canada vs Russia

Singapore vs Turkey

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