Overwatch World Cup 2017 – Santa Monica Qualifier

US and UK placed 1st each group

The Overwatch World Cup Santa Monica Qualifier day 3 has come to an end- that the United States and United Kingdom won the United States vs Chinese Taipei game, and United Kingdom vs Germany match 1st. Brazil defeated New Zealand in Group G, and Israel defeated Belgium in H, putting them 3rd each.

Previous event: Overwatch world cup Katowice qualifier

Even the United States is placed 1st in Group G, and Germany placed 2nd in Group H, they will be competing against another, also the United Kingdom, placed 1st in Group H, and Chinese Taipei, placed 2nd in Group G, will be matching against each other to determine who’ll be capable to perform in the playoffs.

It is now a problem although won’t be after the format will probably be set by means of a set draw in a set that is new. The team draw will be held in the end of August or early September, and specifics about the date have never been revealed.

The United States has conquered Chinese Taipei from 3-1 in the game that determined which team is going to be put 1st in Group G.

Jake’s carry shined from the first two sets in Hollywood and Nepal; the United States failed to catch point A and Overtime began when Jake directed his team to victory by scoring two kills with his Genji, also won in his struggle against Zonda as Soldier: 76 at Nepal.

Chinese Taipei was cornered till they won at the set, Horizon Lunar Colony. They had been put 2nd when they dropped to the United States at the previous group, Route 66.


Together with both teams winning and losing the game between Brazil and New Zealand finished with Brazil’s success by 3-1, putting Brazil 3rd and New Zealand continue in Group G.

The game between the United Kingdom and Germany, the only regarded because the highlight of the day finished with all the United Kingdom’s complete success. Following the United Kingdom captured stage A, they didn’t allow since they annihilated their rival team escorting the payload whenever they had been on assault in Numbani, the initial group. Especially, Kruise’s Genji captured the eyes of many supporters when he didn’t die once throughout the entire time they were on strike.

Kruise’s Dragonblade was phenomenal at the next group- he killed off 4 opponents along with his Dragonblade at Lijiang Tower, causing his team to win with 100% catch progress for their enemy’s 0 percent. Smex’s D.Va and Genji dominated the second group, turning the match around once the group was losing by 99:0% catch advancement. They won the next group also when they had been successful on their assault in the next group, Horizon Lunar Colony, that was selected by Germany. Finally, they left it to the semifinals if they played with Roadhog and Sombra at Route 66, beating Germany from 4-0.

The game between Israel and Belgium finished with Israel’s success when KAFEEEEEE outplayed his competitors with his Zarya, Soldier: 76, also Tracer, putting Israel that the 3rd in Group H.

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Overwatch Summer Games Skins – Are they the same as last time?



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Overwatch world cup The Korean are dominating

The Overwatch World Cup is kicking off this weekend with All the Group Stage qualifier in Katowice, Poland. Eight teams are squaring off to make their way ahead of the Overwatch World Cup finals in November.

With the qualifiers of this weekend, the tournament will be broken up with the best team from both groups advancing into two groups of four.


The Overwatch World Cup is streaming live on the Overwatch Twitch account. If you miss the live times, the Overwatch Twitch accounts is broadcasting replays through the weekend.

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AUGUST 4, 8 A.M. EST – 2 P.M. EST

Netherlands vs Poland 4-0

South Korea vs Austria 4-0

Canada vs Turkey 4-0

Russia vs Singapore 4-0

AUGUST 5, 8 A.M. EST – 2 P.M. EST

South Korea vs Poland

Netherlands vs Austria

Canada vs Singapore

Russia vs Turkey

AUGUST 6, 6 A.M. EST – 4 P.M. EST

South Korea vs Netherlands

Poland vs Austria

Canada vs Russia

Singapore vs Turkey